Miss Violet June is a pinup model and writer. Violet fell in love with pinup style in her teens, started wearing red lipstick regularly at 17, bought her first corset at 19, and did her first pinup shoot at 20. In college she designed her own degree, combining her passions for gender studies and literature. In addition to her research on sexuality and vintage undergarments, she enjoys writing creatively. She is an avid collector of books, lingerie, and red lipstick. Her work is inspired by many different aesthetics: the Rococo opulence of Marie Antoinette’s day, Paris during the Belle Époque, the romance of Victorian England, Hollywood’s Golden Age, classic cheesecake pinup, 1950s fetish art, and more.

Since the beginning, Violet has been honing her vintage hairstyling and makeup skills, and usually does her own hair and makeup for shoots. She loves coming up with new concepts for photoshoots, and you can be sure that every detail was meticulously chosen by Violet herself. She has been published twice in Vintage Boudoir Magazine, as well as being featured as Bettina May’s Pin-Up of the Month in April 2016. Violet lives in Denver, Colorado, with two very naughty cats.

Art by Gemini H