1940s Portraits

Time for another photoshoot feature! For this shoot, La Photographie and I were inspired by the stunning portraits of silver screen sirens of the 1940s. While I usually prefer my photos in color, there’s something extra special about these photos in black and white. You can compare them to the color version above. I was especially inspired by portraits of Hedy Lamarr, my favorite star of the era. To me, these portraits of her are the epitome of glamour.

Hedy Lamarr


Hedy Lamarr

For this shoot, I wore my most prized vintage possession: a black crepe and tulle evening gown from the 1940s that belonged to my grandmother. The gown is embellished with sequins on the chest. I will treasure it forever, my grandmother wore it in 1946 when she was eighteen years old. I went 40s for my hair and makeup as well, and accentuated the look with pearl drop earrings and a double rose hair flower by Shazam Pinup Hair Flowers. I did do a cat eye for this look, although it’s not historically accurate to the 1940s. But I always feel my best in photos with my signature flick of liquid eyeliner. 




My lipstick is an exact recreation of a 1941 lip color, by the vintage beauty company Bésame Cosmetics. I’m wearing my favorite red from them, called Victory Red. Bésame explains how they “painstakingly researched this red, based upon our collection of historical samples and lots of study. Our ‘Victory Red’ is an absolutely faithful color-match to the original from 1941 and we hope it inspires positivity and strength in you when you wear it. All our lipsticks are true replicas of lipstick shades from the past.” I love all of my lipsticks from Bésame, I can’t recommend them enough!

My favorite red from Bésame


1940s beauty tips from Bésame

Coming soon: my Playboy-inspired photoshoot, where I got to romp around in nothing but my birthday suit and white sheets. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to do a nude photoshoot, stay tuned! I’ve done two shoots now where I’ve been completely in the buff, and honestly it’s so empowering. I’ve never loved my body more!  

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