The Lady is a Vamp

Time for another photoshoot feature! This was my first shoot with La Photographie, and the photos are my favorites I’ve ever done. I wore two different looks for this shoot, so this post will feature the first one: the Mosh Bow playsuit from Dottie’s Delights, paired with sheer opera length gloves from What Katie Did. I absolutely love this playsuit, I need more opportunities to wear it! I’m thinking of wearing it underneath some high waist palazzo pants for a glamorous night out.

This shoot made me feel like a classic pinup painting! I did my own hair and makeup, doing my usual nude eyeshadow with cat eyeliner. I wore my favorite bright red lipstick: Von Teese Red from Dita Von Teese’s collaboration with MAC Cosmetics. The color was limited edition, and I’m still kicking myself for only buying two tubes! It’s the perfect rich, bright, matte red, super pigmented and non-drying. Dita’s name is even imprinted into the lipstick itself! MAC is my go-to brand for red lipstick. If you want to read about my favorite lipstick brands and shades, I’ll have an “everything lipstick” post coming soon!

I treated myself to this shoot for my birthday last year, and I’m so glad I’ll always have these photos. Whenever I do a shoot, I think about an interview I saw with Dita Von Teese where she described her first book, Burlesque and the Art of the Teese, as “documentation of my youth.” I love that concept, since none of us are going to be young forever! I think of how I’ll still enjoy my photos in 20, 30, and 40 years. And Dita, who turns 45 this year, looks better than ever! I like to think my pinup modeling will only keep getting better from here.

And now, the lady is a vamp…

Photographer: La Photographie
Hair & Makeup: Miss Violet June
Playsuit: Dottie’s Delights
Gloves: What Katie Did

Coming up: I’m attending an event this week I’m INCREDIBLY excited about, and so I think my next post will be devoted to that. Stay tuned!