Lingerie Unicorns

Time for part two of my Style Unicorns series, this time featuring lingerie unicorns! These are my most lusted-after pieces, because why not dream big? Get ready for lots of satin, silk, lace, and ribbon. My favorite lingerie aesthetic is opulent, glamorous, and elegant, and all of these designers and brands deliver those in abundance. My lingerie collection is primarily made up of Dottie’s Delights, Dollhouse Bettie, Dita Von Teese, What Katie Did, Bettie Page Lingerie, and Agent Provocateur. Over the past few years I’ve been been moving away from Victoria’s Secret, department stores, and fast fashion (as in Forever 21 and H&M), in favor of higher quality and more unique designs.

I believe Dottie’s Delights is inarguably the best in the pinup lingerie world right now, I want their entire collaboration with one of my very favorite pinups, Mosh. Dollhouse Bettie created one of my favorite sets ever, the Satine, as seen on me in the photo above. Unfortunately, Dollhouse Bettie now focuses on true vintage and bespoke pieces. I miss you Dollhouse Bettie, come back! As for Dita Von Teese, I am obsessed with her lingerie line! Affordable prices and luxuriant details keep me coming back to the brand again and again. I currently own five set from her line. What Katie Did is one of the best brands for vintage-inspired lingerie, and every season they come up with new, gorgeous designs. I bought my first bullet bra from them. Bettie Page Lingerie, by Playful Promises, has blown me away with their designs this year. Check out those overwire bras (a favorite look of mine)! And last, the one and only Agent Provocateur. Do I love owning a couple of their pieces? Yes. Do I think they are worth the exorbitant prices? No. I’ve learned a lot over the years of lingerie shopping, which I now do almost exclusively online. I probably wouldn’t buy an Agent Provocateur set now, but I wouldn’t buy Victoria’s Secret either. It’s worth saving up for lingerie you really love, but not just for the name brand.

And without further ado, my lingerie unicorns:

Mr. Pearl corset

The world’s premier corsetierre, Mr. Pearl has designed corsets for John Galliano, Vivienne Westwood, and Alexander McQueen. He’s also made many of Dita Von Teese’s corsets, including the exquisite ivory satin and black lace one above. How could he not be on my list? Mr. Pearl is also a tightlacer; his corseted waist measures 19 inches.


Dark Garden corset

Another of Dita Von Teese’s choice corsetierres, Dark Garden is located in San Fransisco. They create some of the most beautiful corsets I’ve ever seen. The corset above was made for Dita.


Lavender satin corset – Lovesick Corrective Apparel

This corset has haunted me since I first saw this photograph! It’s my favorite color, and I can’t get over the details of the black eyelash lace, the ruffled garters, and what appears to be a velvet bow. This corset has all of my favorite lingerie design elements, and it perfectly captures the opulent yet still elegant aesthetic that I love. I’m determined to own one like it someday!


Lavender Short Sheer Dressing Robe – Dottie’s Delights

I swoon over this lavender chiffon dream! There’s also a full-length version.


Lilac RHT Stockings – Secrets in Lace

I’ve been meaning to add some lingerie from Secrets in Lace to my collection for ages, and I think I’ll have to start with these lilac seamed stockings. As seen above, Rachel Jensen styles them beautifully on her blog, she’s one of my modern glamour icons.


Entire Mosh & Dottie’s Delights collection

Yes, I really do want this entire collection, that’s how incredible it is! The Mosh & Dottie’s Delights collection is full of sheer mesh, grosgrain ribbon, velvet, voluminous tulle, and Swiss dots. It has the perfect sweet-meets-naughty feel, and reminds me of 1950s fetish art. I own the Bow Playsuit, which you can see in an upcoming post.


Strawberry Cake set – Dottie’s Delights

More Dottie’s Delights, from their Soda Shop collection. I love the combination of pink and red in this set, and how gorgeous is Gia Genevieve?


Lavender satin set – Dita Von Teese for Wonderbra (limited edition in 2009)

I’ll forever regret not buying this set! Lavender, satin, and Dita Von Teese, three of my favorite things! At the time this set came out, I was just starting to experiment with my lingerie tastes, and I certainly wasn’t ordering lingerie online yet. I still keep an eye out for this set on Ebay and Depop, there’s a matching girdle that goes with the bra. I’d love to own them both! If anyone has them in a 32D/34C and a medium in the bottoms and is looking to sell, please let me know!


Lavender Star Lift set – Dita Von Teese (discontinued)

Yes, another lavender/periwinkle Dita set that I missed out on! I waited too long, and by the time I knew I definitely wanted it, it was gone. RIP to this lingerie unicorn.


Harlow Nouveau set – What Katie Did

This gorgeous peach satin set has been on my list for ages! I love What Katie Did, and I don’t have anything quite like the Harlow set. It’s my dream 1940s/50s set, so I can pretend I’m Claire Fraser (any Outlander fans out there?).


Betty set – What Katie Did

Another What Katie Did stunner! I’m swooning over that lavender georgette and black lace, and I adore the circle stitching on the bra. I’m holding out to snag these beauties during a sale, if I can.


CHER Retro Rouge Red silk satin set – La Lilouche

My favorite color of red: super rich, deep, and cool toned. I love every detail of this La Lilouche set, from the garters to the bows to the quarter cups.


Black French Knicker – Bettie Page Lingerie by Playful Promises

I love French knickers (also known as tap pants), and Bettie Page Lingerie makes some really cute and affordable ones. They prove that glamour and comfort aren’t mutually exclusive! I want the satin ones in black, peach, and ivory, and the black lace ones too of course.


Personalized bed jacket and French knickers – Glitter and the Moon

The whimsically named Glitter and the Moon unfortunately just closed their doors for good, but I’m so thankful I got to order this set from them just before they did! I think bed jackets are so romantic, I own a pale pink quilted one that I love. I also love monograms, so I got my Glitter and the Moon set monogramed with a V in the embroidered lilac heart. And how luscious is that creamy, ivory satin?


Harlow Long Gown – Oh Yes Celeste

Last, but certainly not least, is this to die for gown by Oh Yes Celeste. They just launched last week, and I’ll definitely be saving up for this exquisite beauty. It’s the ultimate 1930s screen siren gown! I would even wear it as a wedding dress. I love pieces that can cross over from lingerie to outerwear, and I think this gown is the perfect example.

What would you like to know about pinup lingerie? Curious how the sizing works? Looking for more detailed lingerie reviews? Are you dying to know what it’s really like to wear a corset? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to have suggestions for future posts!