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1959 Brunette Barbie

As a kid in the 90s, I actually didn’t have very many Barbies. My room was full of Star Wars action figures, Gargoyles figurines (does anyone else remember that show?), and Disney princess ephemera galore. I only had one Barbie that I can remember, a brunette mermaid with a magenta tail. Nowadays I still collect toys, usually from Disney, Star Wars, and Sailor Moon. I’ve got two Maleficent Barbies on my desk, a Princess Leia doll on my dresser, and an assortment of Pop Vinyls (my favorite of which is Jareth the Goblin King).

I also have a reproduction of the original 1959 brunette Barbie. Since getting into pinup, I’ve been enamoured with the look of that original Barbie: the striped swimsuit, the red lipstick, the vampy side eye. I confess that I like the 35th Anniversary reproduction even better than the original; I like her bumper bangs better than the original’s curled bangs.

My Reproduction Barbie

Several amazing pinup models have done their own versions of vintage Barbie photoshoots, including Sabina Kelley, Violet Chachki, Angelique Noire, and the Pink Collar Life ladies Tara MiSioux and Ashlyn Coco. I was inspired to do my own version, with a lavender background instead of pink, since it’s my signature color! The swimsuit is no longer available on Unique Vintage; if they bring it back I highly recommend ordering a size up (as do the Pink Collar ladies), as it is a teeny tiny suit! I just squeezed into a medium (my usual size), but sadly it’s really too small to actually wear at the beach or pool. One of my goals with this blog is to highlight clothes and lingerie that I actually wear, not just slip on once for a photoshoot. But unfortunately it doesn’t always work that way.

For this shoot I worked with one of my favorite photographers, Stephanie from La Photographie, to make my Barbie fantasy come to life! This was my fourth shoot with Stephanie, and I have another one with her this weekend.

Come on Barbie, let’s go party!


Photographer: La Photographie
Hair: Holli at Big Hairy Monster
Makeup: Miss Violet June
Swimsuit: Unique Vintage
Earrings: Etsy (similar
Sunglasses: Plasticland (similar)
Shoes: Pinup Girl Clothing

Next week: style unicorns! Also be sure to follow my Instagram, @missvioletjune, for sneak peeks at this weekend’s shoot!