The Lady is a Vamp Part 2

August is flying by, and I just realized I haven’t posted anything since the end of July! I’ve been busy with friends in town, a mini vacation over the weekend, and lots of lovely things coming in the mail. Be sure to follow my Instagram, @missvioletjune, for peeks at the goodies I’ve been getting in the mail.

The latest addition to my wardrobe is a pair of vintage 1950s boudoir slippers by Daniel Green, in gorgeous ivory satin. The slippers are deadstock, meaning that they’ve never been worn! They’re in perfect condition, and they also happen to be a perfect fit! I’ve never been able to wear vintage shoes as they are usually so tiny. I wear a modern size 9, but I also have quite narrow feet, and so finding vintage shoes that fit me is next to impossible. I found my slippers at DearGolden Vintage on Etsy. I’m addicted to buying vintage on Etsy, I have much better luck there than on eBay.  

detail on the Daniel Green slippers

I’m planning a future post all about vintage shopping, so you can read about its challenges and also why it’s so rewarding. You can expect advice on vintage sizing, how to date vintage items, my favorite places to shop vintage, and more.

For today’s mini-post, I want to showcase Part 2 of my vampy photoshoot with La Photographie for my birthday last year. For these photos, I wore the Raffine set from Dita Von Teese’s lingerie line. This set is the most luscious, creamy satin, and the color is described as “Crème Caramel.” I love the black lace accents and the unique shape of the bust, it almost has the look of an overwire bra. I’m wearing the bra, the garter belt, and the bikini briefs (I usually prefer a high waist brief, but the matching one wasn’t available in the U.S. at the time.) I’m also wearing my favorite fully fashioned stockings from What Katie Did. I love these photos in both black and white and color, but I decided to go with the color ones here. Hair, makeup, and styling by me. Enjoy!

Coming soon: not only am I planning a vintage shopping post, but also a post about the best books on glamour, fashion, and photography, as well as a companion post on my favorite glamour icons (modern, vintage, and even fictional). I also want to write a post specifically on eccentric glamour, which comes from one of my favorite books, Eccentric Glamour: Creating an Insanely More Fabulous You by Simon Doonan. I’m really excited to delve into what eccentric glamour means to me, and why I find the book so inspiring. Stay tuned!