Celestial Body

Time to introduce another of the incredible photographers I’ve worked with: the super talented Melissa Mullins! I’ve done five photoshoots with Melissa, three of which have been her signature milk bath sessions. Ethereal, elegant, and unique, these shoots are so much fun to do. Imagine a spa day with your friend, and then you get incredible photos afterwards! This shoot was New Year’s Eve inspired, so Melissa and I went with a star theme and a lovely, deep teal milk bath. See Melissa’s post about the shoot here. She also does underwater photography, and more traditional boudoir sessions as well. I can’t recommend her highly enough!


Photographer: Melissa Mullins
Makeup: Miss Violet June
Bra: Dita Von Teese Her Sexellency overwire
Star Crown: Hedy’s Halo Crown by The Pink Collar Life

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